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Everything Is Nice: Collected Stories, Sketches and Plays

of Jane Bowles

Everything Is Nice: Collected Stories, Sketches and Plays contains nearly all of Jane Bowles' writings with the exception of Two Serious Ladies. This book has a biographical note and introduction by Paul Bowles. (London: Sort Of Books, December 2012). Available through Amazon worldwide. Amazon.co.uk



Two Serious Ladies

by Jane Bowles

Two Serious Ladies, a novel by Jane Bowles, paperback, with an introduction by Lorna Sage and a memoir by Truman Capote (London: Sort Of Books, June 2010). Now available from Amazon worldwide. Amazon.co.uk



Paul Bowles on Music edited by Irene Herrmann and Timothy Mangan

Paul Bowles on Music was edited by Irene Herrmann, Paul Bowles' musical heir, and Timothy Mangan. In this wonderfully engaging and informative collection we hear the voice of a different Paul Bowles. Writing on a wide range of subjects―jazz, film music, classical music, popular music, ethnic music―he is direct, opinionated, incisive, analytical, humorous, and passionate." ―Millicent Dillon. Click here to read an article about the book Paul Bowles on Music, or to read a review click here.


Paul Bowles, Magic & Morocco by Allen Hibbard (Cadmus Editions. Paperback now available.)


(Rizzoli, 2005), 484 pages, hardcover. Introduction by Paul Bowles and contributions by Edward Sullivan and Francisco Calvo Seraller.


A Hundred Camels in the Courtyard by Paul Bowles

Paul Bowles: Photographs: How could I send a picture into the desert? Scalo, Z�rich / New York (edited by Simon Bischoff)


Paul Bowles Reads: A Hundred Camels in the Courtyard  A two-CD audiobook spoken-word 1999 reissue of the fall 1978 recordings of Paul Bowles reading four of his 'kif stories'. The boxed set includes an introductory essay by Paul Bowles commissioned by Cadmus Editions. Digitally reengineered by Jon Carlson at Martin Studio in Seattle from the original recordings. The CD cover is a painting by Brion Gysin, Djmaa el Fna in Marrakech. (Copyright 1981 by Brion Gysin and � 1999 by the estate of Brion Gysin). Disc 1: "A Friend of the World" and "The Wind at Beni Midar"; and Disc 2: "He of the Assembly" and "The Story of Lahcen and Idir".
New Audio CD Baptism of Solitude. The recordings on the CD album Baptism of Solitude were recorded at Paul Bowles' home in Tangier, Morocco in 1994. Bowles reads a broad sampling of excerpts from his novels, travel essays, short stories and poetry. Recorded and produced by Bill Laswell and Nicky Skopelitis. Released on November 17, 2009. on the Metastation label.


The Delicate Prey and Other Stories by Paul Bowles

Read the 1950 book review in The New York Times.

Days, Tangier Journal: 1987-1989 by Paul Bowles


Paul Bowles: Music (edited by Claudia Swan)

In Touch: the Letters of Paul Bowles (edited by Jeffrey Miller)


Their Heads are Green and Their Hands are Blue: Scenes from the Non-Christian World

Read the 1963 book review in the New York Times.

Morocco (text by Paul Bowles; photographs by Barry Brukoff, 1993)



You Are Not I: A Portrait of Paul Bowles by Millicent Dillon

 Read the 1998 book review from the New York Times.

The Portable Paul and Jane Bowles (edited by Millicent Dillon)


A Little Original Sin: The Life and Work of Jane Bowles by Millicent Dillon

My Sister's Hand In Mine: The Collected Works of Jane Bowles (Introduction by Truman Capote)


Plain Pleasures (a Penguin paperback), by Jane Bowles

Out in the World: Selected Letters of Jane Bowles, 1935-1970 (Black Sparrow Press), edited by Millicent Dillon

Read the 1985 book review in The New York Times.



The Dream at the End of the World: Paul Bowles and the Literary Renegades in Tangier by Michelle Green

Conversations with Paul Bowles (edited by Gena Dagel Caponi)


A Tawdry Place of Salvation: The Art of Jane Bowles (edited by Jennie Skerl)


Paul und Jane Bowles: Leben ohne anzuhalten

by Jens Rosteck

A biography of Jane and Paul Bowles; M�nchen: Goldmann Verlag; September 2005 (in German)


Spirits of Tangier

by Tessa Codrington

Spirits of Tangier by Tessa Codrington, (edited by Jean-Pascal Billiaud), was published on May 15, 2008 by Arcadia Books in London, and it is now available through Amazon worldwide and fine book stores. (The 360-page book may be ordered in the United States through Amazon.com.) 

Click on the hyperlink above to order your copy. Spirits of Tangier contains Tessa Codrington's artistic photographs and portraits of writer and composer Paul Bowles, the American playwright Tennessee Williams, the Moroccan storyteller and artist Mohamed Mrabet, the Hon. David Herbert, Yves Vidal, Cecil Beaton, the photographer of royals, the artists Marguerite McBey, Claudio Bravo and Patrick Procktor, and other Tangier figures―along with accompanying texts.

Spirits of Tangier provides intimate and revealing glimpses into some of the beautiful villas and gardens in Tangier, and some of the city's glamorous parties, and documents the changes and growth of Tangier over the past few decades. Buy Spirits of Tangier from Amazon.co.uk in the U.K. or from Amazon.com in the U.S.A.


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