Paul Bowles: A Biographical Essay by Allen Hibbard

Paul Bowles, Composer by Irene Herrmann

Paul Bowles at 100: Centennial News and Events

Catalogue of Paul Bowles' Literary Works (Part One) by Jeffrey Miller, Kenneth Lisenbee and Allen Hibbard

Catalogue of Paul Bowles' Literary Works (Part Two) by Jeffrey Miller, Kenneth Lisenbee and Allen Hibbard

Chronology of the Life of Paul Bowles (1910-1946)

Chronology of the Life of Paul Bowles (1947-2000)

Jane Bowles: A Short Biography by Millicent Dillon

Jane Bowles: Une Courte Biographie de Millicent Dillon (Fran�aise: Claude Nathalie Thomas)  French:

Jane Bowles: Eine kurze Biographie von Millicent Dillon (Deutsch: von Pociao de Hollanda)  German:

Catalogue of Jane Bowles' Literary Works

On Jane Bowles' Play In the Summer House by Paul Bowles

"I never liked to raise my voice."―An Interview on Music by Phillip Ramey

Lost and Found Music: Two Paul Bowles Dance Works by Benjamin Folkman  [Audio]

Paul Bowles Music: Two Sound Clips  [Audio]

Galleries of Photographs

Catalogue of Paul Bowles' Musical Works by Irene Herrmann and Benjamin Folkman

Paul Bowles' Music Scores In-Print or Available Through Rental by Irene Herrmann

Out-of-Print and Unpublished Paul Bowles' Music Scores by Irene Herrmann

Liner Notes for Paul Bowles' Recordings

Lost and Found Music: Sixty Years in Limbo: The Rediscovery of Tamanar by Benjamin Folkman

Rodrigo Rey Rosa: Biograf�a y Bibliograf�a 

The Return Trip by Rodrigo Rey Rosa

My Friend Paul Bowles  by Gavin Lambert

The Paul Bowles I Knew by Tessa Codrington Wheeler

A Memoir of Tangier and Paul Bowles by Ruth Fainlight

Alan Sillitoe, Ruth Fainlight and Jane and Paul Bowles

An Interview with Paul Bowles [1970] by Daniel Halpern

Sunrise Tangier [2017] by Johnny Strike

The Art of Fiction LXVII (A 1976–1978 Interview with Paul Bowles) by Jeffrey Bailey

Paul Bowles: A Memoir (1995) by Phillip Ramey

A Translator's Experience by Claude Nathalie Thomas

Desultory Correspondence: An Interview with Paul Bowles on Gertrude Stein by Florian Vetsch

Are We Going to Fez? Talking Paul Bowles with Cherie Nutting by Stephen Aiken

A Talk With Paul Bowles by Phillip Ramey

Meeting Paul by Millicent Dillon

In Memoriam: On Hearing of the Death of Paul Bowles by Millicent Dillon

At Home With Paul Bowles: A Conversation by Cherie Nutting and Phillip Ramey

Fez [1984] by Paul Bowles

Journey Through Morocco [1963] by Paul Bowles

The Worlds of Tangier [1958] by Paul Bowles

How to Live on a Part-Time Island [1957] by Paul Bowles

An Island of My Own [1985] by Paul Bowles

Last Thoughts on Paul Bowles by Ned Rorem

The Final Portrait of Paul Bowles by the American Artist James Krone

Paul and Jane Bowles Documentaries and Films Available

 How I Came to Write Paul Bowles: a Life by Virginia Spencer Carr

Mohamed Choukri: Biography and Works by Kenneth Lisenbee

Ahmed Yacoubi: Biography and Gallery Exhibitions by Kenneth Lisenbee

Ahmed Yacoubi as Painter by Paul Bowles

Mohammed Mrabet: Biography, Works and Gallery Exhibitions by Roberto de Hollanda

Libby Holman Reynolds, Barbara Hutton and Jane and Paul Bowles

Books Available by and about Paul Bowles, Jane Bowles and Related Authors

The Estate of Paul Bowles and Jane Bowles (Permissions to Quote, Film and Music Rights, Terms, Contact)

Resources and Links for Paul Bowles, Jane Bowles, and Tangier, Morocco 


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