(available on DVD or VHS)

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Night Waltz: the Music of Paul Bowles (DVD; 77-minutes). This 1999 film, directed by Owsley Brown III, has won several international awards. Paul Bowles, photographed at his home in Tangier, Morocco, discusses his own music alone and with writer and composer Phillip Ramey. The documentary contains rare black-and-white footage of New York City during the 1930s and 1940s by Rudy Burckhardt and Nathaniel Dorsky, and beautiful images of Mexico and Paris, as well as Tangier. 

Night Waltz: the Music of Paul Bowles

by Owsley Brown III



Let It Come Down: the Life of Paul Bowles


A film by Jennifer Baichwal



Paul Bowles in Morocco (VHS)

by Gary Conklin

This 1970 film was produced, directed and photographed by Gary Conklin, is 59 minutes in length. Visit  www.garyconklinfilms.com, where you may view video clips from this documentary. You may contact Gary Conklin via his site's E-mail for information on how to order this film in DVD format.

A review in the Times of London from May 21, 1971 states: "In Paul Bowles in Morocco there is a clear and unequivocal hero―Paul Bowles. The director feeds him questions and provides some brilliantly captured scenes from Moroccan life which are brought in from the deserts and the markets as treasure to the court of Mr. Bowles. American writer in exile... and a most elegant anecdotalist. He carries the scent of the Paris of the '20s and '30s and later... this is a man who has something to say, and Gary Conklin, the director, has made it happen."



Paul Bowles: the Complete Outsider

by Catherine Warnow and Regina Weinreich

Click on the above photo or link to order this film in DVD format about Paul Bowles, directed by Catherine Warnow and Regina Weinreich.  (A Waterfall Films Production; New York, NY: First Run–Icarus Films, 1993). Read review online.


  The Sheltering Sky
(DVD) This is the 1990 film adaptation of Paul Bowles' first novel, produced by Bernardo Bertolucci, starring Debra Winger and John Malkovich, with appearances by Paul Bowles. The music is by composers Richard Horowitz, Ryuichi Sakamoto (theme) and Sonny Burke.




by Frieder Schlaich and Irene von Alberti

(DVD) Subtitled in English. (Produced in 1996; a new version with additional features was released in July 2006). Watch a short trailer from Halfmoon.

Three short stories written by Paul Bowles are brought to sinister life: "Merkala Beach", "Call at Coraz�n" and the haunting "Allal". Narrated by Paul Bowles. Additional features: exclusive documentary "Paul Bowles: Creating a Legend" (45 minutes), produced in 2006 by filmmaker Karim Debbagh with footage of Mohamed Choukri, Mohammed Temsamany, Mohammed Mrabet and Abdelwahid Boulaich. Includes audio extras: Paul Bowles' music (70 minutes); Paul Bowles reads: "The Story of Lachen and Idir" (30 minutes); and a theatrical trailer.


MAPAS DE AGUA Y ARENA: Las vidas de Jane & Paul Bowles

by Javier Mart�n-Dom�nguez

The English title of this film is Traces of Sand and Water: The Lives of Jane and Paul Bowles. Directed by Javier Mart�n-Dom�nguez and released in 1991, with music by Paul Bowles, Richard Horowitz and the Iranian vocalist and composer Sussan Deyhim. This film was shown in 2004 at a film festival in Tarifa, Spain―La Muestra de Cine Africano de Tarifa. Traces of Sand and Water: The Lives of Jane and Paul Bowles is available in Spanish or English language versions. For information E-mail:


Paul Bowles Across the Strait

by Eve Silvester


Paul Bowles Across the Strait is a 33-minute documentary film that was produced and directed by Eve M. Silvester in 1981 and shot on 16mm film. Paul Bowles Across the Strait is now available in DVD. Filmed in Tangier and other places in Morocco, there are readings by and brief interviews with Paul Bowles in his home, in the medina and kasbah and sitting at the Caf� Hafa, and visual depictions of Morocco as described in his writings. Radiodiffusion T�l�vision Marocaine co-financed the project. To buy Paul Bowles Across the Strait in DVD format, send an E-mail to: bowlesthestrait@gmail.com

Things Gone and Things Still Here

by Clement Barclay

Things Gone and Things Still Here tries to decode the world of Paul Bowles in a one-hour documentary. It was produced in and directed in 1991 by award-winning BBC filmmaker Clement Barclay. (This film is currently unavailable. E-mail Clement Barclay for further information: clementbarclay@gmail.com.)


Watch or download the film on Paul Bowles:

An American in Tangier (1993)

Directed by Mohamed Ulad-Mohand, (27 minutes), courtesy of Ubuweb Film & Video Archive.

Cinematography for the film An Amerian in Tangier is by Jo�l Krellenstein, film editing by Sabine Franel and sound by Olivier Le Vacon. The cast of An American in Tangier includes Paul Bowles, Mohammed Mrabet and Abdelouahaid Boulaich, and there is old footage of Morocco with original music by Paul Bowles.



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