Featured on this page are photographs of Jane Bowles in Tangier with Truman Capote and David Herbert, Cherifa, her Moroccan companion and housekeeper, and Isabelle and Yvonne G�rofi, who ran the Librairie des Colonnes bookshop at 54 Boulevard Pasteur. Other photographs displayed are Jane Bowles with Peter Owen, her British publisher and Leonore Gershwin, the wife of songwriter Ira Gershwin, with the British photographer Cecil Beaton, and long-time Tangier friends John Hopkins, Joseph A. McPhillips III and Marguerite McBey. The 1946 black and white portrait of Jane Bowles in New York was taken by the celebrated photographer Karl Bissinger. Also included here are pictures of the British poet W. H. Auden, who once shared a house in Brooklyn Heights with her and Paul Bowles and Steffi and Frederick Kiesler; Helvetia Perkins and photos taken of Jane Bowles at various beaches in Tangier and near T�touan.



Jane Bowles, Truman Capote and David Herbert at a beach in Tangier, Morocco, in September 1949



Cherifa (Amina Bakalia) 


Jane Bowles met her companion and head housekeeper Cherifa (Amina Bakalia) in 1948. The 20-year-old Cherifa had worked in the grain market below the Grand H�tel Villa de France. Cherifa died in the late 1990s. Jane Bowles with Cherifa, Tangier, August 1967 (photo 1967 by Terence Spencer)


"Cherifa", Amina Bakalia in Tangier, 1977



Jane Bowles, Tangier



Yvonne and Isabelle G�rofi


Jane Bowles with two Belgian friends, Yvonne and Isabelle G�rofi, who were longtime co-managers of the Librairie des Colonnes bookshop at 54 Boulevard Pasteur in Tangier.



David Herbert

Peter Owen

The Hon. David Herbert with "Janie" at his home in Tangier, mid-1960s. Herbert and Jane Bowles were close friends for years. He once stated that if anything ever happened to Paul, he would have married her.

Jane Bowles with British publisher Peter Owen, walk on the Boulevard Pasteur, Tangier, in the mid-1960s. Prior to the early 1970s, many of the cafs in Tangier were restaurants and served alcohol. Shown here is Restaurant Zagora; others included Madame Porte's, Le Claridge,  La Grenouille, Caf� de Paris, and the Parade restaurant and bar―one of Jane Bowles' favorite haunts.




Jane Bowles and Peter Owen in Tangier, mid-1960s.




Leonore Gershwin


Jane Bowles with Leonore Gershwin, wife of Ira Gershwin (George Gershwin's brother), sitting at a caf� in Tangier in 1964. This photo was taken by Lawrence D. Stewart, Ira Gershwin's assistant, who had become a friend of Jane and Paul Bowles. Stewart later wrote Paul Bowles: The Illumination of North Africa, which was published in 1974.

 (Photograph 1964, Lawrence D. Stewart)



Cecil Beaton


Jane Bowles and the British photographer Cecil Beaton at costume parties in Tangier, 1949. Cecil Beaton was the photographer most preferred by English royalty.




John Hopkins

The American-born writer John Hopkins was a long-time friend of both Jane Bowles and Paul Bowles, Tangier, 2003. He is the author of five novels including Tangier Buzzless Flies, In the Chinese Mountains and The Tangier Diaries: 1962-1979.  He lived in Tangier from 1962 until 1979, when he married and moved to England.




John Hopkins, Paul and Jane Bowles, Marguerite McBey and Joseph A. McPhillips, III at a f�te ion the Old Mountain in Tangier in 1967, with entertainment provided by the Jilala musicians.



One of Karl Bissinger's photographs of Jane Bowles, taken in 1946 at the Bowleses' apartment at 28 West Tenth Street in New York City before the couple moved to Morocco. Jane Bowles was writing In the Summer House at the time and Mr. Bissinger was on an assignment for Harper's Bazaar magazine. Throughout his long and distinguished career, Karl Bissinger photographed many celebrities.
(Copyright � 1946 by the Estate of Karl Bissinger. Copying, any use, alteration or transmission of this photograph without advance written permission from Mr. Bissinger's agent, Katherine Johnson, is strictly prohibited.)


These photographs may not be copied, used, altered, transmitted or reproduced without advance written permission from the copyright holder.


Steffi Kiesler, Paul Bowles, Virgil Thomson, theatrical designer and architect Frederick Kiesler, and Jane Bowles in New York, early 1940s


Jane Bowles in Mexico in 1941


W. H. Auden

The British poet W. H. Auden lived in 1941 in a famous rooming house at 7 Middagh Street in Brooklyn Heights, New York with Paul and Jane Bowles and a vibrant communal society of literary, musical and artistic luminaries. The Bowleses occupied two rooms on the second floor which had been vacated by Gypsy Rose Lee. Other artists at the house on Middagh Street included the composer Benjamin Britten; George Davis, fiction editor at Harpers Bazaar; Paul Bowles' second cousin, the set designer Oliver Smith; Auden's friend the British tenor Peter Pears; Golo Mann, the younger son of the great German novelist Thomas Mann; Carson McCullers; Richard Wright; and John Latouche. Jane Bowles spent many mornings typing letters which Auden dictated to her, and they frequently discussed literature. A fascinating book on this house and its occupants―February House by Sherill Tippins—was published in January 2005 (Boston/New York: Houghton Mifflin).


Helvetia Perkins

Helvetia Perkins met Jane Bowles in Taxco, Mexico in the summer of 1940. They became intimate friends. After a trip with Jane through New Hampshire and Vermont in the fall of 1942, Perkins bought a farm in East Montpelier, Vermont, where she lived with Jane, who managed to do some writing. Jane Bowles's friends Maurice Grosser and Virgil Thomson were summer guests in 1944 and 1945. Helvetia Perkins last saw Jane in 1958, when Jane Bowles was receiving medical treatments in a Westchester County, New York hospital. Helvetia Perkins died in Mexico in December 1965, while visiting with her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren.



Paul Bowles as photographed by Jane Bowles in 1949, at El Farhar, a small hotel run by Winthrop and Ellen Buckingham, in the area of Tangier called Sidi Masmoudi


Truman Capote

Writers Truman Capote and Jane Bowles at El Farhar, Tangier, Morocco, circa 1950 (photograph Copyright by Brion Gysin)

Truman Capote with Jane and Paul Bowles at El Farhar, Tangier, August 1949 (photograph Copyright � 1949 by Emilio Sanz de Soto)


Paul and Jane Bowles with Ahmed Yacoubi en route to Ceylon on the SS Orsova in December 1954. The English writer Richard Rumbold (far right) boarded the ship in Naples where he met the Bowleses. At Paul's invitation, Rumbold arrived for a short stay on Taprobane island in mid-March 1955. Jane Bowles returned to Tangier with Mohammed Temsamany shortly after a visit by Peggy Guggenheim, who thought Jane was having a nervous breakdown.



Jane Bowles onboard a ship in 1956 Jane Bowles and John Goodwin returning to Tangier in 1956


Jane Bowles at the beach

Jane Bowles in Morocco, 1968   Jane Bowles, Tangier, mid-1960s


Jane Bowles at Restinga beach near T�touan, Morocco in 1961 (Photographs Copyright � by PaulBowles.org)


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