Paul Bowles occasionally would visit his favorite caf� in Tangier, the Caf� Hafa, and drink a mint tea while looking out at the ocean with Spain in the distance. The Hafa is located on the Marshan, and it is popular with both tourists and Moroccans, especially students. Other photos on this page show Bowles in Asilah, a seaside town on the Atlantic about an hour's drive south of Tangier, Bowles in his study, and Bowles standing by the door of his former house in the upper medina and at the entrance to the Grand H�tel Villa de France in Tangier.



Caf� Hafa, Tangier 1987


Paul Bowles, Tangier, 1984   Bowles looking over correspondence in his Tangier study, 1987


Tangier 1988: the Grand Mosque Mohammed V is in the background.

Paul Bowles stands at the door of his former summer house in Asilah, Morocco in 1993.


Caf� Hafa is located on the Marshan. Paul Bowles used to sit at this popular cafe to enjoy a traditional mint tea.





Paul Bowles visits his former house near Place Amrah, upper medina, Tangier, Morocco, 1987 Paul Bowles at the door of his former medina house, Tangier, 1987



Paul Bowles at the Grand H�tel Villa de France, Tangier 1987 (photograph copyright � by Andr� Ostier)
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