On this page there are pictures of Paul Bowles in Asilah Morocco, a tranquil and beautiful seaside town on the Atlantic coast south of Tangier. Bowles had a summer house there in 1963. Asilah can easily be reached from Tangier via the new autoroute or old coastal highway in less than one hour. Additional photographs show Paul Bowles in his Tangier apartment, during the filming of the Jennifer Baichwal's documentary Let It Come Down: the Life of Paul Bowles in 1994, and Bowles at a new cafe near T�touan, and standing beside his 1966 gold Ford Mustang which eventually stopped functioning in the mid-1990s.




Paul Bowles in Asilah, Morocco, 1993



Asilah, Morocco 1989

Paul Bowles' former summer home in Asilah, as it looks today, is on the right.



Paul Bowles with his beloved 1966 gold Mustang, Tangier, 1990



Outskirts of Tangier, 1988

Happy Hour



During the filming of the documentary by Jennifer Baichwal―Let It Come Down: the Life of Paul BowlesTangier, July 1994 (photograph Copyright by Nick de Pencier)


At a new caf� near T�touan, Morocco, 1997






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