LATE YEARS, Part Three


Here are several late photographs of Paul Bowles showing him with his last maid Souad, Bowles in Madrid in 1993, with Abdelwahab El Abdellaoui, a Moroccan student, a few pictures of Bowles inside his apartment in Tangier, and one of the very last photographs, taken less than a month before his death in November 1999.




With his maid Souad, Tangier 1995



Souad, Paul Bowles's last maid―before and after work― Tangier, Morocco (photograph � by Cherie Nutting)



Paul Bowles at the Palace Hotel, in Madrid, Spain, before a concert of his music in 1993

Paul Bowles at home in Tangier, 1989




Paul Bowles and Abdelwahab El Abdellaoui, a Moroccan student, Tangier, 1989




Recording an interview with Paul Bowles for the LA Weekly, Tangier, December 1997

Paul Bowles about to enjoy "my first doughnut in fifty years." Tangier, 1995




Paul Bowles taking tea with chocolate-chip cookies brought from America by a visitor, November 1997. (Photograph copyright � by Phillip Ramey)




One of the last photographs of Paul Bowles, Tangier, October 1999—Bowles died one month later on November 18, 1999, shortly before his 89th birthday. (photograph copyright � by Phillip Ramey)

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