In the summer of 1993, Argentinean-born pianist Mirian Conti performed a concert of Paul Bowles' music in Tangier, Morocco, held at the Salle Samuel Beckett. Paul Bowles was present for this rare recital of his music in Tangier and was honored by the presence of Princess Lalla Fatima Zohra. After the concert several of Bowles' close friends were invited to the Palais Royal de Tanger in R'milat, where the pianist also performed several short piano works.

Other photographs on this page include film director Owsley Brown III, whose documentary film Night Waltz: the Music of Paul Bowles would later receive several awards; duo-pianists Arthur Gold and Robert Fizdale, composer David Diamond; and Paul Bowles with Ma�lem Abdelmajid Domnati, leader of the Gnawa Express musicians in Tangier.


Dinner at Le Marquis Restaurant after Mirian Conti's 1993 Tangier piano recital.  Left to right: Alain Cercio, former director of Tangier's French Cultural Center, Mirian Conti, Paul Bowles and composer Phillip Ramey

Visit the official Mirian Conti Web site at www.MirianConti.com


Pianist Mirian Conti and composer Phillip Ramey at the final recording session, October 31, 2007, in New York City, for the British label Toccata Classics' second CD of Ramey's piano music.


The cover of Toccata Classics CD of Phillip Ramey: Piano Music, Volume Two: 1966-2007, released in May 2008. (TOCC 0077). Ramey's Fourth Sonata is dedicated to Paul Bowles, who was in the audience at the Salle Beckett in Tangier, Morocco, on June 25, 1993, when Mirian Conti gave the work its world premiere.


Owsley Brown III

Film director Owsley Brown III with Paul Bowles in Tangier in 1998 during the filming of the Night Waltz: the Music of Paul Bowles

Bowles and Phillip Ramey in Bowles' study in 1998 with some of the film crew; kneeling left, Night Waltz director and producer Owsley Brown III. (Brown also produced and directed a documentary about the early history of The Louisville Orchestra called Music Makes a City. The film was co-directed by Jerome Hiler.)


Night Waltz: the Music of Paul Bowles, a documentary film by Owsley Brown III




    Arthur Gold and Robert Fizdale

Composer David Diamond

Duo-pianists Arthur Gold and Robert Fizdale, who commissioned several scores from Paul Bowles



    David Diamond

Paul Bowles (second from right) at Yaddo artists' colony, Saratoga Springs, New York 1932: left front, composer Roy Harris; top back left, Aaron Copland


Aaron Copland with fellow composer David Diamond in Peekskill, New York, 1985. Visit the official David Diamond Web site: www.daviddiamond.org.



    Gnawa musicians in Tangier

Phillip Ramey and Paul Bowles on one of their daily walks in Tangier, 1988

Paul Bowles with Ma�lem Abdelmajid Domnati, leader of the Gnawa Express trance musicians in Tangier, Bab el Assa, Kasbah, 1997

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